Please use this section to contact me. It will help to spur me onto reaching my goal of reaching that £50,000 target. It will also help me in knowing that there are people watching my progress and willing me on to succeed. Whenever I reach somewhere that has internet connection I will try to read all the messages and reply to as many as I can. Please forgive me if I don't as I may be too shattered to even turn on a computer let alone find an internet cafe.


Time & Date: 21:16  17-01-2010
Name: Amanda Garrett ( Location: Great Milton , Country: England )

Jonnie, Belated Birthday Greetings and Congratulations on both achievements. Kate and the girls must be very proud. What are you planning for the next milestone birthday I wonder? Love Amanda, Holly Blue and Rafe. x

Time & Date: 10:37  01-01-2010
Name: The Parkers ( Location: Freeland , Country: UK ) Email: parker <at> parker200385 <dot> fsnet <dot> co <dot> uk

Belated congratulations on your remarkable achievement (reaching 50!) and your mammoth cycle ride. Happy New Year. Lots of love to you all. Catherine, Adrian, Philip and William XXX

Time & Date: 20:39  27-12-2009
Name: anna Loder ( Location: berkhamsted , Country: uk ) Email: anna <at> appleandsage <dot> com

WOW- Well done Johnnie and Happy Birthday too! We think what you have achieved is amazing and what you have raised is incredible. Can't wait for a full debrief soon. Happy New Year to you all,
LOL Annax

Time & Date: 13:27  27-12-2009
Name: Charlie and Eleanore ( Country: England )

Hi Johnny! Very very well done on your wonderful achievement. We're very proud of you and relieved that you made such an ardious journey without major mishap. Sorry this missive is a little late. Congratulations and love to all the family. xxxxx

Time & Date: 12:33  25-12-2009
Name: Jonny Lee ( Location: Edlesborough , Country: UK ) Email: jonathan <dot> lee <at> talk21 <dot> com

Merry Christmas all you V-F's from the melting snows of Bucks - lovely mass in Leighton Bzz this morning, just helped Sarah baste the turkey and now waiting for the in-laws to turn up so we can start tucking in! Thinking of you all and looking forward to seeing you soon even if you are all enjoying yourselves downunder.
Jonny, Sarah, Adam and Sophie xxxx

Time & Date: 08:53  24-12-2009
Name: The Hendersons ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

Congratulations Johnnie!! We were all so pleased that you completed your journey from 'Top 2 Bottom'!!! What an achievement and what a fantastic way to celebrate your 50th birthday!! Now that you've got the cycling bug...where next??!!!
Wishing you, Kate and the girls a very happy Christmas! looking forward to catching up when you come home. God Bless and well done! lots of love,Nicky,Lucy,Katie,Ben,Johnnie and Matthew xx

Time & Date: 23:14  23-12-2009
Name: Tattin

First chance I've had to get on to the computer since our return, and just wanted to say WELL DONE. You are a star. I did sing happy birthday to you in Paris, in the snow. Did you hear me? Sweet dulcit tones. Can't wait to see you on your return and hear all about it. Lots of love from your very proud little sister. xxxx

Time & Date: 09:51  23-12-2009
Name: Robin Davies (Cliff) ( Location: Nandi Hills , Country: Kenya ) Email: daviesrs <at> hotmail <dot> com

Dear John,
Just got a card from your bro, Philip, telling me you were doing this mad thing! Well done! Don't remember you being so mad in Oxford days, except maybe with cars screeching to a halt outside the YW!
Lots of love

Time & Date: 09:42  23-12-2009
Name: Jackie Catell ( Location: Chesham , Country: England ) Email: jackie <dot> cattell <at> ntlworld <dot> com

I just cried my heart out. Well done Jonny we are all very proud of you.Now enjoy your holiday and no more silly ideas. Just a note to say I have done Tillys regional forms so don't worry Kate . Have a happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the new year. Enjoy the heat !!!

Time & Date: 00:42  23-12-2009
Name: Maria ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: margaret <dot> gibbons <at> ntlworld <dot> com

Just been reading your blog, needed the tissues again!!!!
Had a thought though, now that i'm having LMOABWS that's,
(little man on a bike withdrawal syndrome)!! Wondered when the journey will be published and in the book shops?

Wishing you, Kate and the girls a very happy Christmas, see you in 2010.

Time & Date: 23:17  22-12-2009
Name: Caroline ( Location: Beckley , Country: UK )

cant wait to see how skinney you have got
love and prayers from the griffclan

Time & Date: 18:33  22-12-2009
Name: Malcolm and Anne Andrew ( Location: South Oxfordshire , Country: UK ) Email: anne <dot> andrew <at> g8nrp <dot> net

Very well done - congratulations! Enjoy Christmas and we will see you next year.

Time & Date: 18:27  22-12-2009
Name: Bob and Raz ( Location: oxford , Country: uk ) Email: bobandraz <at> btinternet <dot> com

Well done Johnny! Sorry our entry is after the others but you know us. We followed you all the way! I hope the Bum is prettier than James Cracknells! Happy Christmas! Bobby, Razzle, Johanna, Pieteke, Ari, Ettie, Millie, the chickens and Boy!

Time & Date: 16:16  22-12-2009
Name: Sarah Collard ( Location: London UK )

On behalf of all at the Parkinson's Disease Society, congratulations John! What a fantastic journey, I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your 50th celebrations on your arrival in Melbourne. We are so grateful for the energy that you have put in to this fundraiser and are delighted at the total of over £9000 which you have raised for the PDS so far.

Thank you once again, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year in Australia and I look forward to catching up on your return to the UK.

All the best,

Sarah Collard

Time & Date: 14:06  22-12-2009
Name: Sarah Reilly ( Location: Great Missenden , Country: UK ) Email: sarahreilly <at> roalddahlfoundation <dot> org

On behalf of everyone here at the Roald Dahl Foundation, many many congratulations on your terrific achievement, and thank you so much for raising such an incredible amount! We're all delighted that you arrived safely and were able to celebrate your 50th birthday in such a remarkable way. With best wishes to you, Kate and the girls, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you and celebrating with you when you return to snowy England in the New Year.

Time & Date: 08:49  22-12-2009
Name: KERRS ( Location: MERTON , Country: UK ) Email: robertkerr <at> rkag <dot> demon <dot> co <dot> uk

well done - congratulations epic stuff

still sub zero in Blighty

"Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it. "~ Margaret Thatcher

Look forward to hearing it first hand on your return

Time & Date: 22:28  21-12-2009
Name: jules ( Location: ox , Country: uk )

CONGRATS!!! What an achievement. Enjoy a well deserved break and have a wonderful xmas kate kitty j and all the fam! hurry home, you've been sunning yourselves for far too long!

jules xx

Time & Date: 20:47  20-12-2009
Name: Jo Coveley ( Location: Oxford , Country: England ) Email: jo <dot> coveley <at> hotmail <dot> co <dot> uk

Have been avidly following your progress, via the blog. Are you there, did you make it to Melbourne for the 19th? I hope that you celebrated your birthday in style, now pull your finger out and post those photos!!! Happy Christmas to you, Kate and the girls.

Jo xx

Time & Date: 20:23  20-12-2009
Name: Bunty ( Country: U.K. )

Come on J,enough of the celebrations...we all want to see the photos!! We need proof that our 50 year old friend has made it to MelbourneCan you believe what you have just accomplished?!!

Time & Date: 19:01  20-12-2009
Name: Jo Copping ( Location: West End Lane , Country: Uk ) Email: jo <at> jocopping <dot> co <dot> uk

Hi Johnny,

Have been following your progress and really hope you made it to Melbourne for your 50th birthday - I'm guessing that the celebrations have taken precedence over updating the blog - hope so!! Well done, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Christmas etc.

Time & Date: 19:07  19-12-2009
Name: Nicky Ryan ( Location: Teddington , Country: England ) Email: nickyjryan <at> hotmail <dot> com

Many congratulations and Happy Birthday! Have been following your amazing journey with great interest and wondering whether your old Renault 4 would have made it - I doubt it somehow! Have a great Christmas.

Time & Date: 18:05  19-12-2009
Name: Louise ( Location: Oxford , Country: UK )

To celebrate a mammoth christmas cleaning session, putting up the tree and decorations I sat down to a large G&T and to check you hadn't decided to go onto Canberra as you were making such fantastic progress!
Happy birthday Johnny! Hope you had the most fantastic reception in Melbourne and celebrated your birthday and cycling achievement in customary V-F style.
Congratulations from all at Robins Nest, looking forward to hearing all about it on your return. x

Time & Date: 13:09  19-12-2009
Name: The Smalls ( Country: Northern Ireland ) Email: highacre <at> btinternet <dot> com

Well done John! What a fantastic achievement! ..... and Happy 50th Birthday too! Hi to Kate and all the girls! Hope you'll all be able to relax now and have a wonderful Christmas!

Sam, Ruth, Jonathan, Tim, Philip and Jessica. xo

Time & Date: 12:25  19-12-2009
Name: Ray Cathy & Louise ( Location: Middle Barton , Country: England ) Email: ray <at> pottsco <dot> biz

Hi John

Very many congratulations on your marvellous achievement, and your milestone birthday!!

Have a great Christmas with your girls, and we look forward to meeting up in 2010 to hear all about your adventures!
Cathy, Ray & Louise

Time & Date: 11:32  19-12-2009
Name: Alina & Tim ( Location: West End Farm , Country: UK )

CONGRATULATIONS JOHNNIE! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY (capital letters represent loud excited voices from us)! Well done to you- what an amazing achievement. Hope you're celebrating like mad right now. We're thinking of you all from the farm (we were out breaking thick ice this morning)! Enjoy your weekend.
Love from Alina & Tim and West End Farm animals.